Don’t Waste Your Time Haunting

New song… “Don’t Waste Your Time Haunting” (original – Music: Poolz, Lyrics: Suzy Hazelwood and Vocals: Pia) Continue reading Don’t Waste Your Time Haunting

Dreaming with open eyes | 35 x 45 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2017 by Olimpia Hinamatsuri Barbu

Pia – Dreaming with open eyes

There’s always a smile
At your door
Waiting for me
Feel the warmth from your love… Continue reading Pia – Dreaming with open eyes


Pia – New Life

one stands alone, exposed 
one brisk breeze and all will be lost
left to wither, to fall

one for all 
a final sacrifice
death for life

each will live 
to stand alone
to wither to fade
to be reborn

to give new life Continue reading Pia – New Life


Pia – Forever Together

“Forever Together”
You still walk beside me every day
but the pain is unbearable today
Yes, I know you’re gone
but my love for you is still so strong
and I still have yours to keep Continue reading Pia – Forever Together